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So Pure Relaxing

So Pure Relaxing by Keune is a very gentle and natural conditioning treatment for all hair types. A selection of special essential oils in combination with Chamomile-extract offers a treatment for the sensitive scalp. The effect will be a relaxed and calm condition of the scalp. The hair will have more volume and shine and gives a more fully conditioned character. Chamomile and Lavender form the foundation of the aroma experience, which can be described as delicate and calming. Rest and relaxation are the key words when using So Pure Natural Balance Relaxing.

So Pure Relaxing Essential Oil

So Pure Relaxing Oil

Calming essential oil. Drops of essential oil can be added to So Pure Shampoo. Do not apply So Pure Essential Oil directly on the scalp.

10 ml. - $22.00

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So Pure Relaxing Shampoo So Pure Relaxing Elixir So Pure Relaxing Oil So Pure Relaxing Oil