Savala Professional Services

Hair cut & Finish: $75.00

Wash and blow-dried using the Keune product that is specific to your hair type

Hair color base or re-touch only: $75.00

With Keune's wide range of hair colors the end result will be color that long lasting and spectacular, shiny and healthy looking!

Hair color base and re-fresh hair shaft and ends: $95.00

We refresh the color on your shaft & ends to keep your hair color looking great!

Hair color, weave only / one color: $85.00 and up

Hair foil process to give your hair highlights or low lights that will give your hair dimension.

Hair color, weave only / using up to 3 shades: $115.00 and up*

This hair foil process will give your hair more added dimension, texture and depth. End result is a great look!

*Price varies on hair's length and thickness.

Consultation on other color techniques

For other color techniques a consultation is needed to assure you get the best end result for your hair desires.

Ronn Savala offers follow-up finishing classes for those with a style change at no charge!


Shiseido Crystallizing Straight Perm System / first time: $650.00 - $1100.00*

Don't be fooled buy the term "Japanese hair straightening" only the quality of Shiseido will give your hair a long lasting, natural looking, shiny, healthy head of hair. This process will last 7 to 9 months depending on the condition of your hair. We will not rush you for this process, if you hair is not ready (due to damaged hair) we will put you on a program to follow that gets your hair in it's best condition to proceed with the Shiseido process. Please allow 5 to 8 hours for treatment.

We also help you correct bad hair straightening jobs.

* Price varies on hair's length and thickness.

Shiseido Crystallizing Straight System retouch / 9 months - 1 year: $550.00 - 950.00*

*Price varies on hair's length and thickness.

E-mail or call Ronn if you have questions about the Shiseido Cystallizing Straight System vs. other Japanese straightening systems.

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